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Ravens - sunset at Grand Canyon

Magic is afoot at the Grand Canyon - Ravens at sunset

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Driving through Tuscon in March 08 I had to stop for a
wonderful parade of twenty or so people riding segways.




Dean Kamen the inventor of the segway is a fascinating man.

Dean Kamen, born 1951, is an inventor, an entrepreneur and a tireless advocate for science and technology. His roles as inventor and advocate are intertwined -- his own passion for technology and its practical uses has driven his personal determination to spread the word about technology's virtues and by so doing to change the culture of the United States.

Dean's vast knowledge of the physical sciences, combined with his ability to integrate the fundamental laws of physics with the most modern technologies, has led to the development of breakthrough processes and products.

Dean's water purifying machine


The New Biology DVD Where Mind and Matter Meet
Nature, Nurture and the Power of Love
The Biology of Conscious Parenting DVD
The Biology of Perception DVD The Psychology of Change
As Above ~ So Below - DVD Intro Fractal Evolution
Biology of Belief 'Lite' DVD
The Biology of Belief - Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles - BOOK
Nominated Best Science Book for 2006
All Bruce Lipton's products are available      
Soul in Wonder CD - Miten with Deva Premal
The Essence CD - Deva Premal
Embrace CD - Deva Premal
All Deva Premal and Miten Products available      
Live on Earth 2CD s
Breath of the Heart CD
Pilgrim Heart CD
Divine Devotion CD
The Divine Matrix Book
Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief
The Isaiah Effect Book
Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy
Speaking the Lost Language of God 4 CD set
Gregg Braden Audio Collection 7 CD set
Awakening the Power of a God - 4CD set
All of Gregg Braden's products available.      


Anastasia ~ Book 1 by Vladimir Megre
The Ringing Cedars of Russia ~ Book 2
The Space of Love ~ Book 3
Co-Creation ~ Book 4
Who Are We? ~ Book 5
Book of Kin ~ Book 6
The Energy of Life ~ Book 7
The New Civilisation ~ Book 8a

The Rites of Love ~ Book 8b





A Vision for a New Earth ~ View this Vision as an illustrated PDF file. 530 kb file

Create 2008

in a Life Direction Session with Cedar

Wisdom says to abandon your fascination with the past.
Focus on the present and design and prepare for a remarkable future..
Plan for this year 2008 with enthusiasm, clarity and imagination

In your imagination - visit December 31 2008 - How was your year?

Did you achieve everything you intended?

Contemplate your life for these years - 2008, 2012, 2015, 2022, 2035 and 2222


Conversations with Cedar
Clairvoyant ~ Mentor ~ Life Tutor

Enquire about hosting these Conversations and Presentations in your area

Workshops and talks are usually for 3 to 4 hours -
however, they may be tailored to your groups needs.... eg: for a day or weekend

Also private sessions - interactive psychic sessions and psycho-spiritual counselling.
Telephone 044 844 7764 ------or email celtic.gardens@hotmail.com

Some topics your group may wish to choose from:-

Surfing the Changes with Elegance and Grace

The Holographic Human & The Quantum Field
Living as Higher Self

The Creative Process

Self-Inquiry, Higher Purpose, Spiritual Evolution

Vision for the Future

The Way of The Heart

The Art of Happiness

Spirit Guidance and Developing Perception

Spheres of Light ~ Orbs

Visionary Art

Crop Circles

Psychic Children

Spiritual Pilgrimages, Sacred Places and Power Places
Spiritual Networking

Self, Family and Community Development

Earth Changes and Preparedness

Spiritual Leadership. Elderhood

Internet as Spiritual Resource

Metaphysical Movies

Spiritual Tools and Techniques

Action in Your Local Community


From Chaos to Clarity
If you are experiencing chaos in any aspects of your life - these trigger words
may assist you in reaching the clarity you need so that you may move forward.

Communicate - Change - Courage
Levity - Love - Light - Laughter
Attitudes - Abundance - Adventures
Rest - Respect - Responsibility - Resonance
Ideas - Imagination - Intuition - Integrity
Trust - Travel - Thoughts
Yes. Getting to Yes


Psychic Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher
Individual Counselling, Psychic Guidance and Group Sessions.
Future Life Progressions
Cedar is a networker and catalyst for the expression of the Higher Self.
Find Clarity in Your Relationships, Self Growth, Career and Business,
Financial Motivation, Spiritual Inspiration and Creative Projects.
Private consultations in person or by phone.
Also on-going mentoring for Soul reality.

As a supporter of a New Earth paradigm, Cedar is a facilitator who invites people to move deeper
into the mysterious, beautiful, creative and ever-expanding reality of the Eternal Soul.
For well over a decade she owned a metaphysical bookshop, promotions and publishing business
that was a centre for the expansion of personal development and spiritual growth.
Now this website continues the work of providing signposts
towards the evolution of self into planetary and cosmic citizenship.

* Interactive Psychic Readings
Prepare your questions for optimal results.
* Group Teaching and Talks


Clairvoyant Consultations

Southern Tablelands NSW Australia



A journey with Cedar is a privilege.
A compassionate and gifted life coach, she is a healer for healers, communities, open souls, and Lightworkers.

A session with Cedar is a freeing, joyous, laughter-filled, uplifting, inspiring, healing, energising, practical,
irreversible and absolutely unforgettable event! She goes deeply into the concerns of one’s Soul,
illuminating and healing.  There is not any issue, path, friendship or relationship that
cannot be beautifully freed and empowered in this ongoing process.
She consciously asks permission at every step as she skilfully midwifes our transformation.
The ‘hidden bits’ are simply lifted out and placed into the Light.
She empowers our choices, sensitively, and with great integrity.
Cedar is indeed a strong, shining Light, a senior mentor, an Angel.
I cannot recommend her unique and magical life coaching more highly.
One can, and will, come back for more.

Kerry Wright
Writer, teacher, and carrier of the World Peace Flame


2020 Vision
Foresight Not Hindsight

An Invitation to Consciously Create Reality

Are We In A Time Line Of Choice?

We believe that we are in a time of individual choice- the choice to experience the God's that we are - with unlimited access to infinite love and Unity or to continue to experience the humanness of our physical limitations and the illusion of our separateness- the choice is ours without judgement.

Can We Choose Freedom?
This list of Over-Coming and Be-Coming is meant to be reminders of our options -
without judgement for the choice we make.



2020 Vision

1. ignorance
2. sickness
3. fear
4. guilt
5. worry
6. blame
7. shame
8. insecurity
9. doubt
10. competition
11. victimhood
12. martyrdom
13. tyranny
14. limitation
15. lack
16. judgement
17. low self-worth
18. devolution
19. stress
20. death

1. free
2. sovereign
3. knowing
4. trusting
5. imaginative
6. aware
7. adventurous
8. abundant
9. accepting
10. loving
11. cosmically connected
12. creative
13. powerful within
14. confident
15. curious
16. united
17. radiant
18. evolved
19. enlightened
20. immortal

If we choose the option of Be-Coming we have multiple entrance points to experience our journey of potentiality- we highlight only two aspects that might be useful to assist our attitude of becoming the Gods that we already are

Attitudes Creating Choice

A.  The Path of the Conqueror
This is an attitude of actively mastering our limitations through slaying and slicing away our conditioned smallness and the thought patterns that are habitually circulating the illusion and hologram of separation.

B  The Path of Surrender
Many don’t relate to the attitude of conquering and the notion of slaying our limited thought patterns which enslaves us in a physical universe where our illusion builds fortresses of separation, preferring to choose instead an attitude of  allowing - letting the river of our power gently drift over the sandbanks of our limitations erasing their hold on us. Consciously allowing the attitude of surrender to the Gods that we are to ripple out to the edges of our empowered self - our true God within - erasing the hologram of separateness.  

C. The Path of Separation
If we choose the path of experiencing our humanness in the landscape of the illusion of our separation from All That Is - we have multiple opportunities of experiencing people, places, things, times and events as mirrors of ourselves in the adventure of coming to know who we are without judgement.

2020 Vision

2020 Vision is our attempt to promote the option of creating a vantage point of unity-
a merging with all that is: sky, earth, fire, water, ether, light, dark, physical, spiritual, in the light of a non-judgemental attitude regarding self and others- providing us all with the option of experiencing unity and love which is the glue and binding force of life.

The many scenarios of destruction prophesised leading up to 2012 - 2020 invites us to create a future time where love, creativity and unity impact our now moments through consciously creating with our thoughts this spatial-time dimension.

The Time Line of 2020

 is a future time line that exists in our now- how we embrace this timeline in the now creates our experience in the future - not only for ourselves - but collectively as we are not separate in our creation and participation. Although our future is always an individually perceived and individually created manifestation according to our perception and frequency, the paradox is that - collectively we participate in a creation act that affects all of us in the time line of our past- present - future now moments- the collective timeline is created through the power of our individual thoughts and frequencies in an ocean of multi-dimensionality.

Attitudes of Smallness

Our attitudes of smallness may hold us from the realisation that every thought we think is having an impact and effect on our reality individually and collectively- every choice creates the whole - we are not drifters in a universe without meaning and purpose.

Attitudes of Unity

Unity and the power of love - when focused upon - through raising our energy frequency and thoughts with focused intent, allows awareness of this mystery of inter-dimensional timelines and universes. These dimensions when experienced open our minds and hearts to self realisation. We no longer seek to verify our reality - we know we are responsible for the creation of our reality in the ever-flowing stream of infinity. We face death as an explorer does - with multiple choices. Direct experience is our teacher and knowingness the consequence of our brave curiosity to explore the universe that is ourselves.

How Do We Choose?

It is our belief, backed by the modern discoveries in Quantum Physics that we choose through our attitudes, thoughts, intent and the raising of our energy frequencies - which reality to experience from the quantum field of possibility and potentiality.

All attempts to separate ourselves create a timeline of separation where we experience ourselves as separate.

All attempts at unity create a manifestation of unity. However in the lens of infinity there is no judgement - we offer the year of 2020 as one option of bringing to us the experience of love and unity. 

6 March 2008





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Macs Bush Care Group


Some members of the Mac Masters Beach Bush Care Group
clearing weeds from native flora on the banks of Cochrane Lagoon



Vote for the Planet



Fanie Smit


Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit Fanie Smit

Here's a couple of my recent inventions for your culinary pleasure.

A Quick and Easy Lunch - Nutty, Avocado Rice
A tablespoon of sesame seeds - Bring out the flavour in in a dry frying pan by heating - stir and shake - til golden. Place aside. Put a dollop of butter in the frying pan and add enough cooked rice for each person and stir gently til hot. Add a few handsful of chopped cashews, walnuts and the toasted sesame seeds. Take off the heat and add a chopped avocado, parsley and lemon juice. Salt and pepper to season. Scrumptious.


Veggie Casserole with my No Longer Secret Sauce
Thinly slice potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots and par steam them
In a pan - saute sliced onions, garlic and mushrooms in butter or oil.
Create flowerettes of broccoli and cauliflower
and slice zucchini, beans and any other veggie and herb that you just love.

Butter or oil the inside of a casserole dish and add all of the above ingredients in layers.
Season with sea-salt and cracked black pepper.

My No Longer Secret Sauce
Gently heat a tub of thick cream, a dash of water, a tablespoon of soy sauce, and a tablespoon of grained mustard - stir until nicely combined - test for flavour - adjust, then pour over the veggies in your casserole dish. Add chilli if you are so inclined.

Grate romano or other cheese of your choice on the top and cook in a moderate oven until done to your liking. Delish dish.