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I have been interacting and telepathically conversing with the interdimensional friends or orbs that frequently appear to me.

The more I study them -the more they morph Presence and focus is the key. Countless Beings move as if in their own movie, performing their own story or giving their message.

Gridwork is evident within the bands with 'beings' of various types in each band.

The researcher may wish to copy and photoshop the photograph by increasing the pixels and placing it on your desktop background or print for study.

The magical mysterious journey continues. 11:12:2007



Photo: Carmel Doak



Orbs: Benevolent Spirits
The Invisible Made Visible

Where were you when you took your first photograph of an Orb? This may become one of those quintessential questions that ranks up there along with Where were you when Princess Diana died? and Where were you when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon? And Where were you when the World Trade Centre collapsed? Why?
Because, - when Orbs appear in your photographs, they are extending an invitation
into the relatively unexplored worlds of The Invisible Realms
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Spheres of Light .:. Balls of Lights .:. Orbs .:. Intelligences

Sensitives and clairvoyants have long been aware of otherworldly presences, and now our readiness and the ever-heightening vibrations on the planet, along with obvious cosmic influences, are providing ideal conditions for these intelligences to become more visible and interactive.

A digital camera with the flash on helped along with a soft, enquiring attitude is all you need to begin taking photos of Orbs. They are always present, yet night-time usually offers the best conditions. Continuing reports indicate that more and more people are seeing Spheres of Light and Spirit Beings without the aid of cameras. We can develop this skill by holding the intention of seeing them, and softly looking at the mid-space or out to the periphery of our view. However, until we can do this, our digital and video cameras are fantastic ways to have the life in the invisible realms revealed to us.

These phenomena are variously known as Orbs, Balls of Light, Plasma, Entities or Luminosities . I sometimes affectionately call these Orbs SOLS as I like to call a spade a spade and a SOL a SOUL. With an added 'U' - we have what I believe they are - SOULS - Beings. I am quite convinced that they are intelligences from this, and other realms.

Orbs help us increase our awareness of life. As individuals focus to expand consciousness, there are many reports of intensive interactions by Orbs highlighting playfulness, the advancement of our souls, sharing healing and life-enhancing technologies, journeying into the unknown, expertise for healing Mother Earth, and joyous reconnection with soul families. I find intuition and telepathy the best approaches in communicating with these intelligences. Treat them as you would treat an honoured guest in your home.

Journeys Out of the Body

The Orbs are also Us as we truly are. When we die, or travel out of the body as in lucid dreaming, near-death experiences and remote viewing, we have no need in the etheric of our human form with limbs, head and torso. The Soul - that eternal and immortal aspect of self - transfigures into an efficient vehicle in the form of a sphere, octahedron or similar - a merkabah.

We may use a Sphere of Light when we venture out of our body into what I call The Real as distinct from the illusion most of us live in. We can journey out-of-body by focussed intent and deep meditation. My photographs reveal the sphere as by far the most common form, however I have also seen several octahedron shaped ones, bauble orbs and now massive plasma entities. I have coined the term Etherics for these plasma entities. Others call them Lightwaves or Plasmas. A new language and new methods of communicating and learning are developing around Orbs.

As the quickening progresses to higher and finer vibrations of reality, and as we become very disciplined in our focus, portals and accessibility to other realms and dimensions will open to reveal new and fascinating worlds.

What Are Orbs?
Orbs are not only Us, - they are also discarnate souls, incoming souls prior to rebirth, angelic and ascended beings, mentors, healers, guides, super-intelligences, extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials and beings such as nature spirits, faeries, other etheric souls and aspects of our own multi-dimensional selves.

We are at an exciting place in our evolution where many are achieving profound consciousness, and the illusion of Earth life is rapidly being seen for what it is - a learning environment for the Soul. Throughout the decade of 2011 to 2020 we will experience great connections with the beings of 'the invisible realms' and come to know that we are indeed One - all connected.

How will our study of, and interactions with the Orbs and other intelligences develop?
Always at a pace that we can handle.
The answer is always Love. The question is: What Now?

Cedar Rivers


Infinity and Wonky

Bruno SculptureUnicorn

In October 2008, I went to Bruno's Sculpture Garden at Marysville in Victoria.Mythical, indigenous and whimsical sculptures displayed creatively throughout the garden and by the river were of great interest to us as well as to my constant companions.

On Saturday the 7th of February 2009 The Township of Marysville and the surrounding area was ravaged by bushfires. Firstly I would like to say that Bruno and his family are safe and well. Unfortunately the family home and the gallery have been destroyed. The sculpture garden has sustained severe damage, but hopefully a good portion of the sculptures will be able to be salvaged.  Bruno and the family intend to try and rebuild the sculpture garden and gallery in the near future and will provide updates on this website as regularly as possible.


January 08


Sandra Underwood

Some people are seeing the orbs
without the aid of a digital camera.
We can develop this skill by:-
holding the intention of seeing them ~
and softly looking at the mid space
or out to the side - or periphery -
of our view.

More Light Beings

Interdimensional Visitors - Cedar's Photos


Are we photographing spirit beings?
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Paula Johansen - New Golden Age


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sent in by readers

Ancient Egyptian ka


Donna Spratt - The Synchronicity Grid

Excellent material for research may be found at Ramtha.com and photos at Masters' Connection

Ramtha speaks about Orbs

Very informative dvd: Orbs: The Veils are Lifting created by Randy and Hope Mead and many other enthusiasts of this phenomena.


More fantastic Orb photos at
James Gilliland's Ranch

Ramtha Students!
Ramtha's Christmas Video Streaming Event 2007 in Oz with interested observers.
Orbs love vibrant learning environments.

Dr. Ledwith’s book "The Orb Phenomenon,"
co-authored with the German physicist Dr. Klaus Heinemann,
"A well researched examination of a remarkable modern phenomenon with enormous implications for our current scientific story and indeed our current sense of the possible" Lynne McTaggart



Full Moon

Angels, faeries, devas and other nature spirits

Gold and White

Spirits of Nature

CG December 07

Paul 01

Paul in Belligen

Fire Twirling

Curious orb observing fire twirling.
Irridescent Colours with detail at right. This blue orb taken on 3:3:2007 began my journey of discovery in earnest. >>>



Three human Angels with sphere of light. >>

Detail Pearlescent


Pearlescent extra detail

Closer-Up - Pearlescent Sphere


Tracey Lee Oxford - YouTube

Joyce discusses 'veils'... A distinction between infrared night time vision energy reflection and fluorescence - the way energy shows up with and around orbs.

Benevolent Spirits


Larry White Buffalo - Benevolent Spirits


Yvonne Scouller - Light Beings

Frequent visitor

CG 27-Jan 2008

Frequent Visitor
This beautiful 'orb' shows up consistently.

Frequent Visitor

Some of my regulars.




30 Jan 08

Exhibiting a great sense of humour!
This orb and my constant companion
positioned itself between two power lines.

May 2008

Orbs and Plasma

May 08

Fabulous Cluster


Different Textures

Angel Orbs
Framework for new sculpture in the making
~ Angel of the Living Light ~
Angel of Light
cental Coast
Epiphanies of new awareness
This photograph was taken just after the full moon in February 2007 and challenged all my notions to date about the Spheres..

Bright Light
They are very obvious around music and other joyous celebrations, spirituality, love and creativity. The atmosphere is literally teeming with light filled intelligences or Souls.

Ramtha Retreat 7-07
Cedar's room at Retreat in Bathurst July 07

Beach Feb Full Moon 2007
The inner Voice called me to the beach after midnight. The moon is in the top left of the photo and all the rest are orbs. I took more than 20 photos by just pointing my camera into the darkness and clicking.

Detail of the photo on the left.
It's intriguing to enlarge these photos
or set them on the background screen
and study with a magnifying glass.

I have since discovered that the orbs in this photograph accompany me everywhere.

Fireworks Plus
Fireworks and Spheres
Sparkling translucent bubbles of light and energy. The night sky and smoke make them more visible to the camera.

Rice Paddy
Sphere of Light top left in rice paddy in Bali

One of the five Platonic solids where
all sides are equal
and all angles are the same
and all the faces are identical.
This shape also appears in

digital photography as eight sided
vehicles of light known as merkabahs.

Just Joking!
Orbs are everywhere!
Thank you for sharing
your touching poem Julie
Julie Longhill

Mountain Rest, South Carolina  USA

Orb Poem


Central Coast

MacMasters Beach 2007

Tube Torus Crop Circle

Tube Torus
This was the first crop circle that I researched and it opened me to new avenues of learning. We often hear Croppies speak of 'My Circle' and this is 'mine'!

At sunset, I sat in the very centre and meditated - the Goddess was lying in the fields before me - to the right of a white horse in chalk on the hill.

Ilyes, the then US Co-Ordinator of Crop Circle Research introduced me to a short video where we watched a series of three spheres of light create an immensely
complex crop circle in just 12 seconds.

Cedar on Facebook

The sphere and octahedron avail us to the esoteric aspects of mathematics, and specifically to the Platonic solids It's helpful to be aware of these forms when delving into the many dimensions of The Mystery.

Platonic Solids

SOLS and Crop Circles

Mexico City YouTube

Spectacular orb photos at
Orb Gallery - Masters Connection

Mysterious Orbs

Anastasia Series

Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars Series
was guided and protected by a shere
of light and energy.

Kinsley Jarrett a dear friend and visionary artist who is now passed on, explained how he saw images and activity in the finer vibrational realms.

First a sphere or ellipse of light appeared before him and then the image of the life-form appeared in the centre of it. He has rendered many Beings of Light in this way: Nature spirits, ascended masters, symbols, extra- terrestrials and spirit guides.

Kinsley gifted me with this symbol in 1992.

June 2007 Sydney
Happiness and Its Causes - Sydney June 007
Orange -Easter 07


In this study we are poised on the brink of a fascinating sphere of discovery about the nature of the universe in which we live and how we relate to other phenomena that make it up. But as a race our initial reaction when some apparently new form of existence is discovered is unfortunately to go to one of two extremes; either to regard it as an innately superior form of existence, before which we want to bow down; or else to ask what it is supposed to be there for in terms of use to us: a powerful indicator that we have not yet managed to get past the old mindset that we are at the centre of the universe!...Michel Ledwith

Australia Day 2007 Woy Woy l
Lantern Festival

James Gilliland

ET Friends Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli Wonderful Photos

Near-Death Experiences

The Prophets Conferences



Pelican lantern passing through an aboriginal smoking ceremony at the Australia Day Lantern Festival at Woy Woy 2007.. now you see them


I experienced my first orb on a warm summer’s evening in the heart of the Avebury landscape in southern England that has been my home for the last thirteen years. Deemed sacred for at least six millennia, Avebury and its surroundings are replete with ancient monuments, geomantic energies and the temporary temples of
crop circles. And whilst I have experienced psychic phenomena and communicated with higher guidance and extraterrestrial intelligences since early childhood, it was only when I began to live here that I fully awakened to the living consciousness of the Earth and her multi-dimensional beings.
The orbs I have encountered are an essential part of that awakening, for not only have I seen them, I have been able to telepathically communicate with them.
All my life, I have connected with discarnate beings and extraterrestrials and I have seen and communicated with a variety of UFOs. But to me, the orbs feel different. ... Jude Currivan

now you don't Bruce Venables and Judy Nunn Australia Day Ambassadors in foreground carrying this spectacular lantern.

The ancients and the primary peoples who still share the Earth have communed with and learned from her and the “shining ones” of her devic, faerie and elemental kingdoms as living intelligences. For me the orbs offer us such a communion.

I believe we are now on the threshold of collective shift of consciousness, to re-member who we really are, re-discover our hidden heritage and evolve our cosmic destiny. As such, we are now becoming
able to see and experience what only a
very few people – the sages, shamans and seers may have perceived in the past.

And as we expand our perception beyond the limitations of our ego-bound personality, we are becoming aware of the multi-dimensional realities of the Cosmos. We are realising that we have only been limited by our beliefs and that we can transcend the boundaries of space and time.

Jude Currivan

May 2008


May 2008

In the apple tree

She's apples

Orbs 1-08


May 2008

Apple Tree
Orb 0108 - moon surface

Herbs Orb

Orb at the herb garden.

Detail - John

My companions observing John at
Gnostic Forest Bookshop Woy Woy



Cedar and Full Moon over Pacific Ocean

Joking! - Irresistible photoshop play....
'orb' and Pacifica... the Pacific Ocean
All research is best done with a light heart!

Suggestion for the researcher:
Place in your search engine.
Orbs of Light
Balls of Light
Plasma Orbs
Spheres of Light

Spirit Photos

Photos from Readers

Light Beings




How precious is this?
In the Arms of an Angel

Angel with Orb
The Angel of the Living Light
On my morning walk with my constant companions, one of 'my'
beautiful Beings of Light positioned itself in the tips of the angels wings.
16 June 2008 ~ Cedar

Orb with Angel

Come Home Now


Orbs: Benevolent Spirits by Cedar Rivers


We are Merging with Orbs and Other Beings of the Invisible Realms

It appears that everywhere we look, the results of greed, control, disempowerment and injustice are rampant in this world. Things of the mind and excessive debate go only a small way to solving these problems. What is really required is that - hearts open - making it inconceivable to abuse another human, creature or the environment. Conscious action. Active stillness. Love in Action.

In striving for clarity we discover what really matters and we may be surprised at the changes that we'll implement soon. The pain of some life experiences has caused many to close their hearts... others were taught as children, and some were born closed. The good news is that Mother Earth and similar living entities in our solar system, along with no less than an upcoming perfect galactic alignment will indeed make it possible for hearts to open and authentic Love to flow.

All around the world, large numbers of us are seeing supportive life-forms of the Invisible Realms - either clairvoyantly or by photographing them. These beings are inviting our communication and co-creation and many of us are still taking our tentative first steps in how to communicate with them. It is good to know that this is a two way learning curve. As 'above' so 'below'.

It is time to stand up for what we know to be true and not to be distracted by people and events who would attempt to distract us or bring us down. Humanity is evolving to greater consciousness and spiritual understanding and we each have a role in raising the bar. I urge you not to leave the decision-making to the current leaders in politics, religion and coorporations many of which firmly still belong in the old paradigm.

If you're wondering how to recognise the true from the trickster - listen to your heart and your feelings -
Do their words have the ring of truth? Does being in their presence bring you joy?

This also applies to any ghoulish beings or energy vampires you may encounter in the invisible realms.
On occasion I have forcefully had to say - No, you are not welcome in my life.
Turn from any tricksters in your life yet decide carefully whether you will firmly close the door to them.
We are all connected and they may very well have epiphanies that will enable them to release
their self-serving ways for good.




Interdimensionality: The New Frontier

Throughout my magical journey of discovery of the world of Orbs and other magnificent non-physical beings - I have had the great fortune to meet and share discoveries with very many fine people. Facebook and this website have given a wealth of such connections as you will see by clicking on the links to my friends who have taken the amazing photographs shown below. There are many more and I have just selected these folks because my experience has shown that these people are some who share openly and lovingly, and as such are great examples for others.

I still often receive photos from people from many countries - which is so heartening - as it tells me that more of us are quickening our vibrations and allowing the veils to drop. Be assured that if you have a zest for these worlds then you are being encouraged to connect deeply and to share from your heart.

Calamities and challenges are mounting - so too are physical and emotional symptoms that go hand in hand with ascension. Be vigilant. Speak your truth. Educate and inform and turn from those who do not support your freedom and magnificence.


When the energy between two people is electric, energised, filled with joy and amazement, then it is a blessing...It is the right path. It is charged with goodness, movement, balance and love! - Mordana Kael.


Donna Spratt - The Synchronicity Grid USA

Jo Buchanan - a Light Being at Lightning Ridge. OZ
Shining Ones


Sandra Underwood

The Shining Ones with DeAnne Hampton USA
Cedar Rivers OZ