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Angel of the Living Light

Anna with a work in progress ~
Celtic Gardens Angel of the Living Light

5 February 2008

Angel at Celtic Gardens

The Angel of the Living Light with Orb

Great interest!
Angel with Orbs

Eye of Horus
Flower Tree
Whales Eye
Spirit of Fish


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Blue Body

Crystal Seed

Crystal Seed
Through the design of the crystal seed I created
the invitation in stone to go within- a turning within
to find meaning and our roots.  The crystal seed reminds
me of a time when we belonged to the stars and knew
how to create using the energies of crystal.  I sense we
may have within us crystal seeds or omniparticles opening
us to other dimensions that we currently inhabit or have
originated from.  This sculpture is thus a reminder to me
and an invitation to all that going within is finding the
essence of what we strive for to obtain outside ourselves. 





Birdsong and the sculpture Freedom both came out of my appreciation for the shapes of the beautiful birds experienced whilst travelling through the Yucatan in Mexico.The way the birds lift their heads up to the sky - an angle reminiscent to me of prayer - the intensity of their focus, the richness of their song, exquisiteness of form and line. Their whole being aligns towards their song. They become the song.  I felt the invitation to be so still in nature that I actually became nature.  The sandstone had such beautiful colours in it that I wanted to do something with a simple form that would not detract from the beautiful colours.


This sculpture was commissioned by a dear friend Susan, whose nickname is Bird. 

The inspiration for the design was to sculpt an abstract bird form that honoured Susan and her beautiful nature.  Susan expresses herself in life with vitality, creativity and generosity that is an inspiration to many.

In the form I endeavoured to create a sense of a birdsong that flows upwards and invites us to move with it towards the qualities of aspiration and reaching for the highest in ourselves - at the same time to sing our song in appreciation for the magic that is already within us.  The birds do it all the time, singing the joy of their existence with a beauty and freedom that also exists within us.  Thank you Susan for the opportunity to create this form and expression.