celtic gardens

The Celtic Prayer Flags
Are twelve prayers to send on the wind into the world
to inspire hope and to know that we are love in unity
one earth - one spirit - infinite life

Drape these flags in nature, between gates and entryways
to your home, on verandahs, balconies, in offices and healing rooms.
The flags will fray as they disseminate these prayers of hope around the earth.

Origin of the Celtic Prayer Flags
Inspired by the interlinking patterns of all Celtic knots
representing Infinity, Unity and Connectedness,
Anna Pye delighted in carving these symbols in sandstone
with a hammer and chisel using the traditional carving method.

Uniquely Handcrafted
We were then moved to photograph, photo-shop and screen-print the carved images
into these Celtic Prayer Flags as an artistic creation in honour of beauty
and the act of creativity for you to enjoy and participate in.

Celtic Vision for a New Earth
The Celtic Prayer Flags are an ideal gift and can be bought as part of a gift-pack
which includes A Celtic Vision for a New Earth. This vision expands the prayers
of the flags and broadens the positive messages of hope and inspiration.
The prayer flags are available in colour sets or in black on white.

The Celtic Way
The Celtic Way is a journey - a path - a mindful way of walking gently on the earth.
As we walk our individual dream - the world dream unfolds.
The intention of this product is an invitation to create a reality
together where we live and enjoy these positive qualities.

Black and White Prayer Flags

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