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A Celtic Vision for a New Earth

Please share with us this Vision for a New Earth.
An Earth where chaos matures into growth.
Reality is a soul harmony vibrating to Love in synchronicity.  
Knowing through radical trust, silence and stillness that the dark is pierced
by the Light, and fear and ignorance transformed into insight, love and wisdom.
New leaders with spiritual vision unashamedly inspired by a loving connection
to all life and a passionate caring for self, humanity and the environment
lead the world to an unanimously agreed upon doctrine of peace.
Religion is no longer fought over, but honoured as expressions of divinity. 
Borders vanish to form one Circle of Light
one earth – one vision - one garden – one economy –  one humanity.
Diversity is celebrated within the uniqueness of each individual’s culture, race and heart.
Generosity and gratitude replace greed, and the desire to accumulate
out of fear of scarcity, is replaced by knowing that all is provided for.
Spirit is acknowledged in the radiance of each person’s being beyond all illusions.
The creative potential of each person’s abilities unfold into expressions of joyous creations.

All learning celebrates soul development, character, creativity and imagination.
Sound, thought, light, feeling and colour are understood as

a palette of creation to manifest reality.
Love is fostered as the elixir of life and Joy the blueprint for achievement.
Beauty, compassion and forgiveness weave perception and create connection.
Infinity is grasped as an awakening into the ever evolving mystery of the Now moment.
Time is seen as a fractal of Infinity where the Now locates,

attention focuses and intention directs.
Nature is Light.
Light is the interplay of the dance of particles in the known cosmos of Love.
Light is the breath of The Divine.
In Light, are the codes of all life playing a symphony of Love.
Love is All There Is.

As you are in your heart.  In Peace.  In Love.
Know that you are loved beyond measure.
Know that we are in a New Earth where we all celebrate our magnificence.

Anna Pye and Cedar     www.celticgardens.com.au
The Celtic Way is a spiral pathway of walking our individual dream.
As we walk our individual dream - the world dream unfolds.
Our intentions create our reality and our visions manifest new creation.
The Celtic symbols are from the Celtic Prayer Flags, which complement this vision.
As the prayer flags blow in the wind they disperse their qualities in conscious awareness
to help seed a New Earth.